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7 votes
1 answer

How can I make problematic answers more objective?

Background David Stratton recently wrote in another answer: I've been thinking it would be nice if we had a post here on META that would offer tips for editing Truthy posts to bring them in line ...
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1 answer

Is my avatar offensive / a poor choice?

Just occurred to me. For a Christian website, is an anime character dressed as an angel a poor choice in an avatar?
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9 votes
3 answers

Which Christians are right?

It is, i hope, obvious to all that a question with this title should not be allowed on this (the main) site, as they will be devisive and argumentative. However we seem to be allowing questions that ...
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5 votes
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Why the double standard on question closing?

Two questions were asked earlier today by the same user: and What are the common ...
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6 answers

Is it reasonable to ask for both sides of an argument?

In my question about Mormonism and Christianity, I specifically requested to receive questions that take into account both sides. I think this could be an effective way to avoid flamewars and vote ...
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