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Are Scholarly Answers About Christianity On-Topic?

I am trying to ascertain whether, or to what extent, scholarly (1) answers about Christianity and its various denominations (as opposed to faith-based answers written from a believer's perspective) ...
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Are 'extra information' answers encouraged here?

Based on comments on an answer here. A strong answer discussing the new testament and NWT alterations to the texts was posted, and I posted a comment suggesting some attention also be given to NWT ...
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Should we encourage the answerer to post their denominational viewpoint vs. closing truth questions?

Instead of closing a "truth" question, should we encourage the people who answer to add their denominational opinion? I could see this adding to a broader understanding of Christianity. Example 1: ...
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What is the site language policy concerning differences between British and American English?

So one of my posts recieved an excellent clarifying edit today. However, when I just came back to read it I noticed a change I had not seen before evangelisation had been changed to evangelization. ...
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Is it OK if I give away lots of reputation in bounties?

For Advent 2013, I was thinking of starting daily bounties for existing good-but-overlooked answers. But I want to gauge consensus on whether this would be a good or bad idea. Vague plan: give away ...
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"I disagree with those people" is a bad answer

We have had many answers that follow this pattern (using the unicorn theme from the about page): Q: Some people say that your unicorn's horn should be buffed gently with chamois in order to bring out ...
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How can I make problematic answers more objective?

Background David Stratton recently wrote in another answer: I've been thinking it would be nice if we had a post here on META that would offer tips for editing Truthy posts to bring them in line ...
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Is it preferred to edit another user's answer into completeness, or to create a similar answer?

If, after some personal investigation, I find that my own answer to a question overlaps an existing answer by "85%" or so, is it preferred that I edit the existing answer? Or, is it preferred that I ...
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