I've recently created some questions on Catholicism, and while I refer to Roman Catholicism, I don't want to necessarily exclude Eastern Catholicism or anything in full communion with Roman atholicism (i.e. I don't necessarily refer only to Roman Catholicism).

  1. Does the Catholicism tag necessarily refer to and only to the Roman Catholic Church in that it excludes Eastern Catholicism?

  2. Is there any particular reason we have the Eastern Catholicism tag instead of just specifying that Catholicism includes Eastern Catholicism (and anything in full communion with Roman Catholicism)? Eh, I guess if we do this, then we should unite tags pertaining to denominations according to what's full communion with what. idk.

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The tag includes both Roman rite and Eastern Catholic churches. The tag exists because people have found it useful in the past. There's no particular reason why we don't have or tags, just that nobody wanted to add them previous. In their absence, and without a tag like , it's normally a good assumption that a question tagged refers to the whole Catholic Church or possibly more specifically to the Western Catholic church as it is by far the largest.

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