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Anyone who has met personally, The lord Jesus Christ, has felt both the bitterness of sin in all its black darkness and the pure glory holiness and beauty of The Lord Jesus Christ, The Word of God. A relationship with The true and only living God can only begin and lead to one point, humiliation and reverent fear of God, which is true joy. A true sense of ourselves apart from Him, which is as empty and formless as darkness, and a true sense of being in Him, who loved us, which is fulness of joy. A true born of The Spirit child of God can only come to the conclusion that Paul the apostle came to, the chief of sinners! At conversion a man meets The Father Son and Holy Spirit. There are no exceptions to this rule as the child is brought in an instant from darkness to light, from Satan to Jesus. In the presence of The Holy one there can be no other reaction than to condemn oneself and Justify God. Religion without emotion and experience and a living communion with Christ The Word By The Holy Spirit can only be cold dark hypocrisy no mater the accumulated knowledge a person devoid of such may have and can only be at best idolatry and self glorification, the very antithesis of the effect a true relationship with Christ affects. The Spirit of God navigates his sheep between the rocks of self righteousness and idolatry continually leading them forward and upward to look to the source of all that is until the day when he finally looks into the eyes of the Great Shepard and understands fully the words of the Prophet Isaiah "Only in The Lord are righteousness and strength". The child born of The Spirit is born into this knowledge which has been called "The mystery of Godliness". Any who claim to know God more so to be known by him and yet cannot confess to have found that the foundation of all being is based in the absolute sovereignty of God is a false sheep a wolf in sheeps clothing and has never it would appear tasted of the river of life which flows from the throne of God who is the fount and source of all things. Any doctrine that espouses the creature as a source of anything in itself teaches the very nature of idolatry which is ultimately separation from God where is darkness which is the absence of light having no form or substance in itself. Indeed great is the mystery of Godliness and many that profess to understand the nature and heart off the revelation of God in scripture have not seen it. For to understand that mystery a man must be in The Spirit and therefore born of the Spirit for such things are spiritually discerned. Simply stated The Apostle James moved by The Spirit tells us, " Every good thing given and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shifting shadow." What that actually means only The Spirit of truth can reveal. To those who know their is glory to come for such desire only to look up at Him who is "The alfa and the omega the beginning and the end".

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