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Why is this stack exchange never about christian issues?
6 votes

This site is not a discussion forum, it is a Q&A site. What is on-topic and off-topic here is defined in such a way to try and make sure questions can be answered more or less opinion-free and ...

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How many people are on Christianity Stack Exchange because of Stack Overflow?
4 votes

https://data.stackexchange.com/christianity/query/1227984/users-on-stackoverflow-and-christianity 10826 of 27659 (= 39%) as of 2020-04-17

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How do we ask spirituality questions?
Accepted answer
3 votes

While I agree it's a little bit awkward, I think scoping questions about spirituality should be the same as the scoping for doctrine. Why do I think that, despite spirituality being a cross-cutting ...

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Is interpretation of Christian art on topic?
3 votes

I answered this question, and I did so because I felt asking what this picture referred to was on-topic. This is a question that can clearly be answered and doesn't seem speculative. I feel, however, ...

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Please tell me why this question was so poorly received
-1 votes

There are different reasons why people choose to down-vote a question, among those being that the question is off-topic. I would argue that whether a question attracts only one or multiple down-votes ...

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