I am a Biblical Christian, and I study Theology, Apologetics, and Doctrine in my spare time. Also, I have a loving wife, two children, a cat, and a dog. It's a full house over here indeed!

I do often use odd capitalization of pronouns, it's a long time old habit that's stuck whenever speaking on Faith issues, so try to overlook it if you can.

Thanks all, I hope to be able to contribute wherever, and whenever possible.

[To be more specific I am a proponent of Reformed Theology, but I do differ in some ways from many in the Reformed camp. For instance, I am a non-cessationist, meaning I do believe spiritual gifts continue until Christ's return (Although I am exceedingly specific concerning what I mean by that.). Although there are many non-cessationists who are also Reformed, it is common for Reformers to hold to a cessation view. Luckily that is a non-essential Doctrinal issue, so I find much Unity with Christians of all types. Unity in Christ is a major blessing indeed! ]

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