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I have been set apart for most of my life by my decisions to live a life of Christianity and by my unusual raising. I have served as a short term missionary, a long term missionary, a sunday school president, and simply as a Christian.

I have visited with and befriended a wide range of Christian churches and similar, including Jehovah's Witnesses, Baptists, Non-denominational Christians, and a number of groups I can't remember the legal/official name for. Sometimes, in their zeal for their own identity and support within their fellows in attendance, the churches I have visited have perpetuated beliefs that are too convenient to apply to other Christians or that generate contention. I hope to encourage better support for the truths found in Christianity and to help those who seek faith or simply understanding to obtain what they are searching for.

I have a particular weakness that may indicate a minor developmental disfunction: I do not learn or remember names and indexes well. In fact, I have at times forgotten the names of my own family members or people I know well. Even so, my learning and ability to understand certain other things is very large. I have been known to quote a scripture word for word mid-sentence, to memorize dialog for fifteen minutes or more as it was being spoken, to memorize the concepts and relational order of a scientific lecture from beginning to end, as well as on a rare occasion to capture information at a long glance at a map or with several minutes of reading, and apply it by navigate a city or teach a forty-minute lesson, respectively. While I have great difficulty finding references to scriptures without using digital search tools, remembering the content accurately and in context has been a strength, and in a number of cases only after one reading of the scripture.

I have endured some pretty big things, but to be at peace with the death in my family, or to have the knowledge that my own eventual death will not be the end of my work or purpose is pretty good. Such simple knowledge is something that even many Christians have not yet obtained, and for me is sufficient reason to be mindful of the Lord every day.

It is part of my identity to declare that Jesus Christ lives! Also, that He is the son of God. My weak english is not enough, but the Lord has blessed me to know what others suffer and struggle with, so given a personal encounter with others I hope that power will allow me to help them to increase their faith in Jesus Christ. If I can help in the question and answers here, too, that would be great!

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