Ex 35:5-21. rebuilding of The Temple, a Messianic Age of peace, and understanding during which "the knowledge of God

books Jesus Puzzle | Gospel Fictions Chinese Zodiac | Zodiac | rip your heart | 94 is dog

women remain quiet | can't be pastors

god created 2 lights sun and moon light banana fallacy

2 Corinthians 5. Walk by Faith, and Not Sight; Christ's Love Compels us to Ministry

13 Principles of Faith

Yom Kippur | Rosh Hashanah

bible lead to - the dark ages, inquisition, kkk, maspedifelia,great crusade

Hebrew Alphabet Aramaic Alphabet - Syriac script - Imperial Aramaic script

Angelic Signs

In a form of penance, they are self-inflicted ancient Enochian symbols considered to be an angelic alphabet.

48 Angelic Keys?

Discovered by an Astrtologer/Magician Gabriel talked to marry Gabriel talked to Muhammad

The sun is at sphere 6 on the tree. The magic square of the sun is a 6 x 6 grid of the first 36 numbers, designed so that all rows and columns add to 111. All 36 add to 666. 666 is the total of the magic square of the sun.


3rd eye - Revelation 3:7-13


1000 years of darkness

rip your clothes not your mind

Gay Marriage and acting upon it is under Catholicism a sin

baptist church single largest Protestant group in the U.S. believes homosexuality is a forgivable sin

misquote $ is the root of all evil

"God helps those who helps themselves" is not in the bible.

Prophecies fulfilled by jesus

100prophecies Satan power of air|Joel 3:9 Psalm 18:28 3 temptations of jesus 7 deadly sins

Michael and Lucifer

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