You see, you have 59 distinct badges, even though a few of them have been awarded multiple times. Even Jon Skeet's page has "only" 587 badges, even though he has more than 2k(!) Enlightened badges. So, it's by design.


This is not a bug. The difference is in the vote patterns on the questions. You will find all the questions show up if you specifically go to the questions tag and sort by active or newest, but the home page has several filters to keep junk from being the first thing that new visitors see. I believe the cutoff for closed any question to be hidden from the ...


You're being thrown off by the fact that the comments are prioritized. If it runs out of room to show all the comments, the system tries to keep a couple of the most highly voted comments. In many cases that means that the comments that get hidden are not the latest comments, they might be interspersed in the rest. Since the last comment in that set is ...


Much to my surprise. We are in fact measuring kilo-views. Here is the canonical Meta Stackoverflow posts on it: 1 kviews—shouldn't kviews be singular? So this is an intentional design decision rather than a bug. I'll tag it status-bydesign

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