Use this tag to designate that a proposed action in a meta post has been taken and is now complete.

Some meta proposals are about a specific action that should or should not be taken. After that action is taken, it is prudent to update the meta post with notes on what actions were taken and to add the tag designating that no further action is needed.

Examples of proper use:

  1. A specific tag is reassessed for it's usefulness and eventually deemed unneeded. The action taken is that every question with the tag has been edited to not include it, so that it will be auto-deleted. After every question is edited and the tag no longer appears on the tags page, then the meta post is updated and this tag is applied.
  2. A specific question is assessed for on-topic-ness and deemed in need of an edit. The edit is appropriately made and the question is now on-topic. The tag is then applied to the meta post.

This tag is distinct from the tag. The tag is for moderator and SE staff use only. It is meant for feature requests, bug reports, and other action requests that only moderators and SE staff can do.