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Why don't mods simply edit the post to state "Which Denominations think X is a sin and why?", and edit the entirety of the OP question?

For example, in the question "Is anal sex evil", the OP stated:

The God said that people should live in peace and happiness, and, the happiness is strictly correlated with humans joy. Reading good book before going to sleep is not a sin, neither is having a loving wife. I understand that anal sex is sin, cause it can't lead to pregnancy, and I lived believing that God would punish me if I not obey His will. The problem is, that, yesterday, my wife said that she's barren. We would never have children. Now I don't know if I can have sex with my wife while we don't even have a chance to have children. Or, if I can freely have sex with my wife, does it mean that I can have anal sex too?

Instead of closing it, why not reword the title to "Which denominations find Sodomy in marriage to be wrong, and why?"

The question itself could be rephrased to

"From my understanding, certain denominations regard sodomy between a married couple as a sin, because sodomy is a form of sexuality that does not lead to pregnancy. However, when a wife is barren, it would be logical to assume that the couple could not participate in any form sexual relations."

Of course, this completely destroys the intent of the OP. However, I think it looks bad when I come here and see most of the front page down voted and put on hold, with questions like "Is anal sex evil" -- it puts me off, to be honest. Is there some philosophy in stack exchange that prohibits the extreme modification of questions, such as I am proposing?