In connection with the moderator elections, we are holding a Q&A thread for the candidates. Questions collected [from an earlier thread]( have been compiled into this one, which shall now serve as the space for the candidates to provide their answers. Not every question was compiled - as noted, we only selected the top 8 questions as submitted by the community, plus 2 pre-set questions from us.

As a candidate, your job is simple - post an answer to this question, citing each of the questions and then post your answer to each question given in that same answer. For your convenience, I will include all of the questions in quote format with a break in between each, suitable for you to insert your answers. Just [copy the whole thing after the first set of three dashes]( For readability due to multiple large questions in the line up, I've added numbers to the list.

Once all the answers have been compiled, this will serve as a transcript for voters to view the thoughts of their candidates, and will be appropriately linked in the Election page. 

Good luck to all of the candidates!


> 1. How would you deal with a user who produced a steady stream of valuable answers, but tends to generate a large number of arguments/flags from comments?

> 2. How would you handle a situation where another mod closed/deleted/etc a question that you feel shouldn't have been?

> 3. When you see a question or answer with major issues, e.g. argumentative or poorly-written, what tool do you reach for first and why?

> 4. Bearing in mind that this site is about Christianity, but [*not* a Christian site](, how do you intend to remain as objective and non-biased as possible when evaluating the contributions of users?

> 5. One of the hardest issues we've dealt with over the past two years is how to deal with the following two related issues:
>     - Minority Christian groups that are regarded as heretical by mainstream groups.
>     - Individuals who claim to be the only person who believes the way they do and insist on being able to post their opinions wherever they please on this site.
>     Our scope has mandated that we include anyone (or group) who self identify as Christian.
>     - How will you as a moderator assist in making minority groups feel welcome?
>     - How will you handle individuals who do not have an identifiable group or doctrine?

> 6. What, if any, role do you think moderators can/should have in developing replacement moderators and developing a strong community that reduces the need for moderator action?

> 7. As a moderator on Christiantiy.SE, which how would you prioritize the following, realizing that they are not mutually exclusive, but at times certain points can be, depending on the situation:
>     - Demonstrating a Christian attitude and Christian behavior
>     - Guiding new users into understanding the site guidelines
>     - Addressing unacceptable behavior
>     - Enforcing site guidelines, even the ones you disagree with.
>     - Ensuring all answers come from a Christian perspective
>     - Addressing heretical or grossly incorrect answers
>     For a concrete example: in the event of a conflict between these items, which "wins"? Say we have a new user that is repeatedly posting questions that fail to meet basic site rules, and ignores the community's attempts to explain the rules.
>     What wins?
>     - The Christian behavior: Kindness, gentleness, desire to see this person get saved?
>     - Enforcing the guidelines and suspending/censoring the user?
>     - Ensuring that the answers are from a Christian perspective, and deleting the ones that are not?

> 8. What are the top two or three challenges facing the site as it moves forward, and what do you plan to do to address them? (If applicable: what have you already done about them?)

> 9. Why do you want to be a moderator? It is time consuming, frustrating, and not very rewarding. What is your motivation to take this thankless job?

> 10. How would you handle a non-minor disagreement (not something that can be ignored as "personal preference," "could go either way," etc) with the action or inaction of another moderator?