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Is it fair to use "protestant" as a synonym for "credobaptist"?

Is it fair to use "protestant" as a synonym for "credobaptist"? I've noticed several instances here (both recent and historic) of folks using using "protestant" as a ...
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Is it appropriate to use disputed terms in question titles?

An example question can be found here, which contains an image of a painting of the (according to the asker) "Mother of God". While the term is certainly embraced by Catholics, it is utterly unheard ...
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What is the correct terminology when referring to (Roman) Catholicism?

I recently saw a comment from a user saying that the term Roman Catholic is derogatory. Is this the widely considered to be the case? There are various terms I have seen applied to the Catholic ...
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What is the generally accepted term for X?

Several issues have come up related to appropriate terminology. Rather than discuss these each time they come up, I suggest using this question as a catch-all place for noting the acceptable ...
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Denomination vs. sect vs. faith vs. tradition

Is there a preferred terminology to use when referring to all "brands" of Christianity? We've been running into this a lot (both on Meta and C.SE). Many (myself included) have said "denomination/...
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