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Proposal for tagging questions that concern marriage, both traditional and non-traditional forms

UPDATE: I've since made most of the changes laid out in this tag proposal. This included the creation of the same-sex-marriage tag, the editing of its excerpt, the removal of gay-marraige, and the ...
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Christian Identity - what about the racists?

So there is a christian-identity tag, which appears to be used to tag questions about what identifies people as Christians, but I've recently discovered the Christian Identity Movement, where "...
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How to improve the "Apologetics" tag wiki

This recent question gives us an opportunity to improve and clarify the apologetics tag wiki. For convenience, here is the current tag description: Defenses of religious positions using reason. This ...
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Future of the tag "singleness"

From the writing of this post... 16 hours ago a question basically asking why am I still unmarried was asked. It created the tag "singleness." 14 hours ago curiousdannii added the "singleness" tag ...
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