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How do these nifty answer banners work?

This post does not cite any references or sources. Please help improve this post by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. I saw this on an answer I ...
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Where is the Eschewmenical blog?

Question says it all, really. I would like to read/revisit the blog. How do I find it? When there is a new post, it appears in the Community Bulletin panel on the right. Nothing there at the moment. ...
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Possible to adjust color of font for front page questions?

When I load the front page of C.SE, the questions that have been read are in one shade of blue, and any questions that haven't are in another, similar shade of blue. Depending on the lighting and the ...
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The Upper Room has been frozen for weeks

Is this site now so much of a ghost town that no one's noticed? Can it be unfrozen?
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How to remove a comment (or strap line) placed by Stack Exchange that is perhaps out of date?

Two years ago I asked a question on Christianity Stack Exchange about the official position of the Catholic Church on same-sex marriage and civil partnerships. After posting the question, a strap ...
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Rationale and Purpose of topic-based chat rooms on C.SE

Contents The "Charter": Rationale and Purpose for creating topic-based chat rooms (see below). The "Index": a community wiki answer containing the list to active chat rooms that ...
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I answered a question. Now the question has been changed after the fact and my answer deleted. Why?

I answered this: Question: What is the earliest recorded instance of a clear and unambiguous affirmation that the Holy Spirit is a Person, distinct from the Father and the Son, in the history of ...
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Why was the question about seeing Jesus and his being God rejected?

This question was closed as asking for an opinion, and yet there is Scriptural reasoning as to how that phenomenon came about. To me this is a cogent question about Christianity since it deals with ...
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Is there anyway to request feedback/coaching about my activity?

I consider myself very open to constructive criticism. Is there a way for me to get a pulse on my behavior...other than random chatting. It would be cool to receive feedback about inexperienced ...
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Do I need to reinstall the app?

After the latest iOS update my phone and CSE are not cooperating like they used to. Is a reinstall of this site’s app in order? Is there still a app that can be downloaded?
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Can somebody add the "sacramentals" tag?

I wanted to ask several questions about [not limited to Catholic] sacramentals, such as chalices, religious icons, ciborium, etc. Can we add it? Thanks!
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0 answers

Question incorrectly migrated to site where it's off-topic

I recently posted a question about a specific theologian's views. However, it was migrated to Biblical Hermeneutics, where it's off-topic for not being about a specific text. (I deliberately posted ...
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1 vote
0 answers

Question "Martin Luther and the Bible" should not have been closed

@YOONJI's question Martin Luther and the Bible was marked my community vote as a duplicate of Why was Martin Luther attempting to change the canon. I don't believe this should be the case. Richard's ...
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Is there a punishment for voting on your own question?

Is there a punishment/against-the-rules for voting on your own question to help others see it and/or help it gain popularity?
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Can the page title (browser) be changed

Currently the title of a page (what you see on browser heading or tab label) includes the first tag of the question followed by the actual question. For example: Do Latter-day Saints believe in an ...
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