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Where did my points go?

I have a question about my Christianity Stack Exchange post: God was born of Mary - really? Where did my points go? I received no explanation after several days (let alone hours) of being reduced to ...
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If I give away reputation using bounties, can I lose access to a privilege if I end up below the required reputation for that privilege?

Let's say I reach 20 thousand reputation (giving me more things that I can do), and then bounty away 100 reputation. Will I lose my newly gained privileges?
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Should we eliminate the reputation system for the main site?

This is probably impossible, but I wonder, if it were, whether there would be support for it or not. Regarding greed, Thomas Aquinas wrote: ... greed for any temporal good is the bane of charity, ...
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What can I do with all this reputation?

Of course, the snarky response to "what can I do with all this reputation?" is "create a bounty and give it to me!" And I know about the Privileges page, where there's some generic information about ...
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Do you lose rep every time you downvote?

I've noticed that I lose 1 rep for every downvote that I do, even if I leave a comment to explain. Is this supposed to be happening? I thought that the rep penalty was only for if you downvote without ...
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Why does this site incorporate badges?

Sorry just frustrated. There really isn't much to do for a new member on this site. Are you all trying to keep the trolls out? Honestly though I don't even know if want to join now. One question comes ...
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Should new users be allowed into chat?

It seems like there is a common trend of new users not understanding the format of the site, and asking questions that could be easily addressed in chat. They are unable to do so, however, until they ...
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I'm confused about a negative point that I received

You can see in the following screenshots that I've received a negative point, for some unapparent reason, on this one question (What Biblical scripture is used to support the concept of waiting for ...
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Why is 50 reputation needed to comment?

I have noticed that to comment, you need 50 reputation. Could someone please explain why? I think it is ridiculous and others (at least one other) shares my thoughts (see https://christianity....
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What triggers the caution message when I am about to ask a new question?

I only recently got more than 50 reputation points. A recent question was put on hold as too broad. The next time I clicked the Ask button, I was given an automatic warning about asking another ...
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Changes to reputation without an inbox message?

I've notice that my reputation has been going up and down (small quantities) between visits. I suppose up moves might be explained by accepted edits and the like. However, how can my rating go down ...
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2 answers

After receiving 400 extra reputation points, added to 185, how come 329 is the new total?

Is the machine not good in math, or were my points taken away? Bible quote, 'be kind, one to another'
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Why do Christians need ratings to reply to your questions?

Why must a Christian have a high rating to be able to answer a question?
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2 answers

Why has 100 rep points have been removed from my account?

I'm not expecting to "make friends" here, but earlier today I was at 153 rep points and now I'm at 51. What happened and where is this documented? So it looks like it happened again? How did i earn -...
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Is it OK if I give away lots of reputation in bounties?

For Advent 2013, I was thinking of starting daily bounties for existing good-but-overlooked answers. But I want to gauge consensus on whether this would be a good or bad idea. Vague plan: give away ...
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Answer to Question on Hold: Reputation and History Vanish

I'm not new to SE - have some reputation on the SO side, and was compelled to answer a question on this site. The question appears to have been removed / closed (unsure, I cannot see history), and ...
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1 answer

Did the rep requirement for the "view vote counts" privilege change?

I had the ability to view the vote count of answers awhile ago when my rep was lower, but the privilege suddenly stopped working. So I looked at the site's privileges page, and it now says you need ...
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2 answers

What happens to our rep-earned privileges after the Private Beta?

The current FAQ says: (note that reputation requirements have been relaxed to very low levels for the brief duration of the private beta only) So apparently when the site enters public beta in a few ...
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