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8 votes
2 answers

Same old, same old, or try something a little different?

I believe most regular contributors would agree, that they would like to see answers like this, a far more common occurance on this site, rather than being as rare as hen's teeth and at risk of being ...
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2 votes
2 answers

Can this accomodate original research and speculation separately from academic answers?

@MonikaMichael recently had a lament that I think I actually share. She said something to the effect of "What's happening to this community? Every interesting question is getting shut down." My ...
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12 votes
0 answers

Is any corporate sponsorship allowable on this site?

PROPOSAL: Ask Logos Bible Software to sponsor regular contests in order to drum up support See if Logos Bible Software would like to incorporate our questions and answers into their passage guide ...
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To simplify all this "What denomination stuff", could we just require a personal statement block?

I want to throw out this idea. Rather than requiring every answer to say "According to the Baptist / Catholic / Orthodox / Coptic / FSM church", maybe we could just ask that all posters ...
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2 votes
3 answers

Are there any ChristianitySE community statistics?

My question is mainly devoted to know the composition of the ChristinaitySE community. My question is two-fold: If there are any statistics out there, I would like to know where to find them. If ...
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