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How do I chat about a specific question?

My comment just got erased. Epic. Anyway, I dont know much about chat here. How do I engage in chatting about a specific question. Do I just say something in the chat and post a link to the question. ...
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9 votes
3 answers

Is methodology advice to pastors too subjective to deal with here?

I just kicked in a 3rd (and because I'm a mod, binding) close vote for this question: How do protestant youth group ministers reach apathetic parents of religious education students? However, I have ...
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10 votes
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Are "what advice does the Bible give on X topic" questions constructive?

My instinct is to say no. In fact I just closed this one here: Is there any biblical doctrine on how to avoid paranoia as a Christian under an Protestant framework? To me, the question reads like a ...
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4 votes
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Is this too broad to be constructive?

This question was recently asked and there is some difference of opinion among the moderators as to whether the question is a good fit for SE and what's to be done about it. Here it is: How do ...
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closed as not constructive - what are the rules?

I asked a question about a popular politician in the US, performing public and collective prayers for a booming stock market, which was closed as not constructive. Of course, the question is ...
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