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What’s the best way to approach new users who aren’t aware of how this site works?

I’m sure this is a very old question, certainly older than my time on this site, but I want to ask an open ended question to see if we can make our site more welcoming to users. What I’ve begun to ...
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Do we have a question quality problem from new users lately?

Go to the main site, sort by newest, then scroll down through the last four or five days. The fact that many of the newest questions over the last week are on-hold. From February 7th to part way ...
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4 votes
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I'm new but I still can answer questions right? The captcha won't load

I would like to answer a question but the captcha won't load so I can't. Does this have to do with cookies and what not. It usually does. No one has answered it yet. Not sure if that matters. I can't ...
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Why are some people reviewing new posts and not directing them to the meta and help pages?

Most recently, I noticed this question from a new user. I saw only a single comment that was a quasi answer, which is fine, but I also saw no other comments and that this user had two upvotes and only ...
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2 answers

Closing questions and welcoming new members to the community

I've noticed that oftentimes the questions that are closed are asked by members with few reputation points, many of whom have only recently created their accounts, and are posting their first C.SE ...
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