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Why are verse-identification questions not migrated to BH.SE?

Should we migrate this verse-identification question (and future ones) to Biblical Hermeneutics site, or are there cases where they should remain here?
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Why is there a need to have two sites related to Christianity on SE?

I recently had a question migrated to BH.SE. It was a follow up to this question, related to a question of authorship, that somehow was not migrated. It seems like it becomes a bit of a game to figure ...
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Why was my prophets of mercy question migrated yet my guitar question is on-topic?

Are questions on jokes or about fictional events on topic? What's up with churches and guitars in this joke from The Big Bang Theory?
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Should the mods migrate this question from History.SE to C.SE?

This question asks about bilbical prophets, and is being closed at the moment, with some push back from members that "religious texts" are not valid sources. (Which is a load of nonsense, given that ...
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Why is the only option for recommending a different SE site for a question? [duplicate]

It seems that the majority of questions on Christianity SE that get moved end up in hermeneutics SE. But this is not an option when voting to close a question because it belongs on another SE site - ...
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Why have we become so quick to migrate to BH.SE?

I've noticed that lately we've very quickly moved quit a lot of question about the interpretation of a specific passage to BH.SE. Specifically, this question, which seemed unclear in its desire, was ...
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Should there be a flag option for migrating posts to Hermeneutics.SE? [duplicate]

Just now I was attempting to flag a question for migration to Hermeneutics.SE, but I found no option to do so. After selecting Off-Topic > "This questions belongs on another site in the Stack ...
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Does this question belong on BiblicalHermaneutics.SE?

Here is the question. Does this one belong in hermaneutics, as it seems to be related to the interpretation of that specific verse, or not? If not, why? Thanks, I'm just trying to get a better feel ...
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Should on-topic but better elsewhere questions be migrated?

I recently posted "Did medieval European monasticism provide a release from certain societal pressures?". It has been suggested that it would be a better fit for the History Stack Exchange (which ...
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Why can't we recommend Biblical Hermeneutics when closing / flagging?

When flagging an answer with needs improvement we are taken to the same options for closing where we can select: A community-specific reason and then: This question belongs on another site in the ...
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Literature.SE is closing - would you like any of our questions?

Regrettably, Literature.SE is closing down next week due to inactivity. Consequently, we're looking to move as many questions as we can to new homes, so please consider heading over there, browsing ...
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