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Questions tagged [markdown]

Markdown is the language that is used to add formatting to Stack Exchange posts. A complete reference is available in the Christianity Stack Exchange help center.

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9 votes
3 answers

Is it possible to indent within a Markdown block quote?

It seems like indentations could be useful in a variety of circumstances, including formatting quotes of Scripture. For example, we're all familiar with how publishers often indent verses in Psalms ...
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15 votes
5 answers

Would quick-link support for BibleGateway be... useful?

So... Congratulations on graduating to a full-fledged Stack Exchange site! We'd kinda like to do something special for y'all, and this is currently the top-ranked feature request: Add Markdown and/or ...
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7 votes
1 answer

How do I format lists?

I like to subdivide my answers into numerical points Like This And Like this. But, if I get to explaining point #1 Like this Only with explanation of that point Even if my markup says "2" ...
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