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Use this tag for questions about how users should interact with each other or for an explanation of why they interacted in specific way.

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3 answers

Please tell me why this question was so poorly received It's not great and is off-topic, but it seems -6 and basically no constructive comments ...
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2 answers

Legitimate grievance, or am I just being a 'whinger'?

Background: I've been sitting on this issue for a while and finally brought it here to meta. Since it happened I've been considerably less motivated to participate in the site (but perhaps getting ...
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7 votes
1 answer

How can one politely encourage answerers to provide an "identifiable perspective"?

On an answer to a question about the Protestant (excluding Seventh Day Adventist) perspective on Sabbath-keeping, I left the following comment: What translation are you using for Matthew 5:17 which ...
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13 votes
8 answers

Guidelines toward a polite, academic tone

Because of the strong feelings associated with much of the subject matter at Christianity SE, the need for a polite, academic tone is particularly important. However, some people coming to Stack ...
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Stop the presses, we forgot to flag

Editing is a beautiful thing. It is, however, a square peg and some holes are round. Editing is good when you can fix grammar or spelling mistakes, format for easier readability, fix a broken link, ...
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How do we ask questions regarding different faiths without being offensive?

I have multiple questions regarding other faiths I'm not fully familiar with. However I don't want to make it seem like I'm either poking at in disbelief/disgust in their doctrines or causing a ...
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