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Stop the presses, we forgot to flag

Editing is a beautiful thing. It is, however, a square peg and some holes are round. Editing is good when you can fix grammar or spelling mistakes, format for easier readability, fix a broken link, ...
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Why was this question disfigured instead of just closed?

I'm trying to figure out why a question was treated the way it was. Here is my original: 2 days later: Here is the question now. I'm quite familiar with the Stack Exchange format, so I'm kind of ...
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Editing questions/answers for capitalization, etc

What should the guide be for editing a question or answer in relation to capitalizing He (in reference to God), God, Bible, etc... where most Biblical texts captilize them? Since this is a place for ...
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Should related question links be edited into questions or left as comments?

It seems that the typical practice is to link related questions in a comment on the question, but I seem to recall reading that the comments are not exposed to search engines and I think links are an ...
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Poorly-worded Question. I Answer. Question Vastly Improved. Whither my Answer?

Twice now, I've made an Answer to a question that IMO was very poorly worded. Then (good thing) the Questioner improves the Question. But (bad thing) my response to the original poor wording continues ...
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Where is edit history visible?

For those with rating either above or below 2k, is there a place one can see the edits on a post? So far, no see 'um.
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In question editing, is the site as a whole going too far? From its genesis to questions on Genesis

People, especially those who have learned English as a second language, express themselves differently. Does this site expect questions to fall into too narrow of a line of logic? Or are questions ...
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On the Egregious Editing of Poor Questions

In this meta thread I proposed a solution to the "is x a sin" problem, namely "destroy the intent of the OP" by "engaging in extreme modifications" to their questions. I ...
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Over editing over editing over editing?

Is a radically sanated marriage a true marriage without subsequent marital intimacy? The above question was swamped by high profile users who twisted and contorted it in an effort to make it fit a ...
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