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Are we conditioning people to question all things through a denominational lens?

I've been on this SE site for a month. I know it's purpose and I really like it. I understand this is a secular site that facilitates Q&A for the topic of Christianity. Awesome. Boo ya. Love it. ...
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What do I need to know about Christian denominations in order to ask an on-topic question at Christianity.SE?

The on-topic page says: However, there are questions that are not constructive for the format of this site. These include questions asking for: a survey of all Christian views on a particular ...
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7 votes
1 answer

Truth Question- What is truth?

I am starting to understand that this site is more than what it appeared on first glance. The second I read "secular site," I about left for good. Anyway, I realize this site has specific guidelines ...
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What to do when it is not clear which denomination to ask?

The question Is theodicy considered an open problem or a solved one, according to catholicism? was originally formulated without the denomination restriction. The reason behind it is that I don't know ...
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What about non denominational questions?

Having been a casual user of this site for some time, I have noticed some patterns. Purely off of my own experience I will say that the preferred form of question seems to be scoping to a particular ...
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Does this site really need to be questions of the form, "what does X denomination believe about Y"?

I understand the difference between a Stack Exchange site and other sites, but at the same time, academic theology like that written in journals is not all dedicated to this form. I know these sites ...
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What constitutes a Pentecostal answer?

Could someone help me, as a moderator, to understand what an ideal Pentecostal answer looks like? I'm a Catholic and I have very little practical understanding of the teachings that make up the ...
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2 answers

Trinitarian sensitivities or just odd behaviour?

It seems to be a consistent response for a trinitarian to ask a non-trinitarian oriented question and the resultant answer gets severely downvoted. The answer seems to offend some innate sensitivity. ...
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What about a denomination-survey tag?

The majority of questions with the denomination tag ask which denominations believe or practice X. There are some however which consider denominations as a category. Here are a couple of examples: ...
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I keep hearing that all the branches are SO different. Would branching off be feasible?

I always try asking questions without denomination specification. I end up being told how the different branches would have different answers, thus making it too broad. Would splitting religions of ...
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Is it fair to use "protestant" as a synonym for "credobaptist"?

Is it fair to use "protestant" as a synonym for "credobaptist"? I've noticed several instances here (both recent and historic) of folks using using "protestant" as a ...
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