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2 answers

Always be ready to give a reason for your hope (with citations)

With only 2 mods left (and with all respect to Mason) only one that actively moderates the site. Flag handling might be a bit off. I'm probably going to have to delete more posts and leave less ...
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On the Egregious Deletion of Poor Questions

As no one liked my other idea, On the Egregious Editing of Poor Questions, I thought I'd formally request another one, using the comments and responses from the previous idea. Right now 66% of the ...
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5 votes
1 answer

Where'd my rep go?

This is just a heads up post that I did a little bit of house cleaning today. A few people might notice as it will mean a pretty big hit to their rep. The most affected people are going to be Affable ...
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Can we change the "recommend for deletion" options? Would that be helpful?

I find that typically the recommend for deletion options are not usually the reasons why I would delete a post. Here are reasons I would use more often because I see these problems more often: The ...
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3 votes
3 answers

Objective criteria for mod Locking and Deletion

What objective criteria can we hold moderators to who want to lock or delete closed posts? So, quite a long time ago (by Internet standards) it was somewhat decided that old closing questions simply ...
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1 answer

Deleted question stays in my inbox why?

I decided to delete a question about Mormon policy after it was given lots of down votes. I was intrigued that amid all of the down voting so many regulars were ommenting and debating and editing the ...
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Advice to revive deleted questions?

I appreciate the concerns behind the closing of my questions. I understand some of the frustration that my questions might be conceived as primarily opinion-based and too broad. Let go through my ...
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Undelete this question

It has been the procedure of this SE to not delete questions but to leave them exist but on hold as to not have repetitive questions. Please consider undeleting this useful but on hold question: Was ...
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1 answer

My question, posted yesterday, had 1 request to reopen it, has disappeared completely, especially from my folders?

In the explanation given to me with stack exchange info., it says that questions, even if they get closed, will always remain visible for the person who asked them. No so, mine disappeared. The ...
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