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Moderator manufactures reason to delete post, and no action taken when reported: What to do?

THIS QUESTION was asked about the fatherhood relationship of God with His son. It was asked openly, inviting answers from anyone. I spent time on my answer, carefully referencing and documenting ...
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Should an answer be deleted because most readers won't like it?

My answer to Why do Christians use ancient Greek polytheistic connotations when defining the literal meaning of Hell? was recently deleted because: "This is just a rant against Christians you ...
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Correct moderator response to a potentially off-target answer?

I wrote an answer (now deleted by a moderator) to this question that answered in the negative (the question asks for the biblical basis for doctrine X, and I provided biblical basis against doctrine X)...
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Undelete answer to question about

This question asks what it means to say that the Bible is the Word of God. The answer to the question is that the phrase is being used improperly because it is not The Word of God, Christ is. So “what ...
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Why was my answer mod-censored?

Someone asked: What in the Bible or Christianity is specifically applicable to addiction? My upvoted and previously accepted answer was deleted because apparently it was deemed "advice". ...
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What is going on with this highly voted, now deleted answer?

So I have a well recieved (+106/-0) answer on Why do some Christians believe it is moral to be a homosexual? that is undergoing some confusing activity. 2 days ago it got a "citation required&...
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Is an answer that some consider 'derogatory' towards a denomination grounds for deletion?

I recently answered a question, which was flagged and deleted by a mod. Part of the reason given was it was 'derogatory' towards Catholicism, presumably because I said the phraseology Catholics use '...
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Inappropriate deletion of answer

When Christians say "the Lord" in everyday speech, do they mean Jesus or the Father? This topic was answered according to the scriptures - this is Christianity after all. The excuse given to ...
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If an off-topic question is edited should it be reopened and the existing answers deleted, or should the OP be prompted to ask it as a new question?

One common situation on this site is that someone will ask an off-topic question and before it can be closed one or more answers are written. One example is What is an overview of Christian viewpoints ...
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Why was my answer about Jesus and the early church just deleted?

So, I posted an answer for this question, and it was just deleted: What were Church Father's views on Jews and Judaism? In response to a question about what the theologians of the Early Church ...
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Moderator deleting upvoted answer because it misses (quote) "superfluous information"

Moderator Peter Turner just deleted my answer, with the following comment: Even though it's rather superfluous this question does ask for a Catholic answer. So you could at least address that Note ...
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2 answers

Citing Sources in 2020/2022

I'm sure we've had this discussion before, probably when there were 0 moderators who didn't believe in private interpretation of scripture, but I'm having a hard time figuring out where people draw ...
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How was my answer "clearly not the type of answer that the OP is looking for"?

I participate on nearly a dozen SE forums and none delete questions and answers faster than C.SE. @Nathan deleted my answer to this question with the comment, "This is clearly not the type of answer ...
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Why was my answer to *christian-and-sin* deleted?

As I understand the question; it is asking why a Christian should have concern about sinning since Jesus has already paid for our sins. My answer was directed to that particular question, and to me ...
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Answer deleted irrationally (and with no warning)

My answer* to "Does the Catholic Church quote any saying of Jesus to which His question in John 14:2 can be attributed?" was deleted with no warning. Caleb left a comment (apparently as it ...
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Can somebody please help me provide acceptable answers?

I recently answered the question What is the Biblical evidence that there are ONLY three persons in the “Trinity? As of right now, the question has 20 up votes that I can see. It was asked in 2011 and ...
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Please undelete this answer

Please consider undeleting the following answer: I have addressed the valid issue which was the reason for deleting the answer. As written, the ...
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Why even bother posting on this board?

I quit posting on this board months ago. Here's an excellent example of why. Look at this question: Did Adam and Eve's Progeny Commit Incest? The poster asked if the children of Adam and Eve must ...
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If I delete an answer I made what happens?

I hastily posted an answer and immediately lost 8 reputation points to down votes. I would delete it but that might be making things worse What should one do other than be more careful next time
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Why was this answer deleted?

The OP of asked a personal question: "What should I do?". I answered the related generalized form of the ...
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Can we change the "recommend for deletion" options? Would that be helpful?

I find that typically the recommend for deletion options are not usually the reasons why I would delete a post. Here are reasons I would use more often because I see these problems more often: The ...
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Poorly-worded Question. I Answer. Question Vastly Improved. Whither my Answer?

Twice now, I've made an Answer to a question that IMO was very poorly worded. Then (good thing) the Questioner improves the Question. But (bad thing) my response to the original poor wording continues ...
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Why delete Abraham/Sarah answer?

There is a question regarding Abraham and Sarah's relationship, and the brother/sister story here: Why did Abraham lie to Pharaoh about Sarah being his sister in Gen 12? I gave an answer which ...
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Should we be deleting blatantly non-Christian answers?

One of our jobs as moderators is to keep the site clean. This includes deleting posts that do not belong for one reason or another. This usually involves leaving a comment about why the post was ...
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Answer deleted with, imho, poor arguments

I answered the question, whether dinosaurs are mentioned in the bible, with No. Here is the question, my answer was deleted. After my answer, the question was extended, that not just the word '...
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