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Use this tag to designate that a proposed action in a meta post has been taken and is now complete.

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Should these question have a truth tag?

The truth tag was recently removed by me and another user. For the most part, it was used on Truth questions and the tag's existence seems to imply that Truth questions are allowed. However, in doing ...
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Proposal for tagging questions that concern marriage, both traditional and non-traditional forms

UPDATE: I've since made most of the changes laid out in this tag proposal. This included the creation of the same-sex-marriage tag, the editing of its excerpt, the removal of gay-marraige, and the ...
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Opening up the Why-does-God-break-the-10-commandments? question

Why doesn't God have to keep his own commandments such as “Do not murder”? This question is currently marked as a duplicate of another question even though they are about very different questions. I'...
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