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Removing Community Wiki status

I was unaware that making too many edits to your own answer will cause it to go into community wiki mode. I wrote a rather long answer that took a lot of time and research, and over the course of its ...
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When should an answer be made community wiki?

I made this answer community wiki because I only posted an extremely partial answer. Since the content seemed to be useful and too long for comments, posting it as an answer seemed somewhat ...
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4 votes
2 answers

Are "how does x foreshadow Christ?" questions okay, and how to group them together?

So, I was thinking about asking (and answering some of) a series of questions titled "How does Character X typify Christ?" or "How does Scenario Y foreshadow Christ's work?". For example, after ...
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What is the reason for answering questions as 'community wiki'?

A recent answer was given as a 'community wiki' answer with which I am not familiar. What is the reason for answering in this way and how does one do so ?
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When should community wiki status be removed from a post?

When should community wiki status be removed from a post? There seems to be an individual that is making a certain number of community wiki posts (answers). However, I am not sure these posts merit ...
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