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Acceptable comments policy for Christianity Stack Exchange

At times comments on this site have been misused by a small number of community members, which can be very off-putting for other members of this site, and especially for new members who may feel ...
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How to encourage comments to be polite and at an academic level?

How to encourage comments to be polite and at an academic level? Lately I have noticed that comments are at times a low quality within themselves, on both main and meta sites. Some are somewhat not ...
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Can we add a "this question is opinion based" option to the "first questions" review queue?

Currently, when I go to review a first question asked by a new user, I have three options. I can write a custom comment, or I can use a pre-made comment that recommends the user to clarify their ...
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Distinguo is a fun word

This is just a suggestion, but I heard it a few times in a homily that my Parish's priest likes to tell year after year and I thought I should bring it up here for the betterment and personal ...
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