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Flagging a low quality late answers on questions that would be closed if asked currently

If I provide examples, I'll be violating some sort of privacy, so let me just start by saying Thank you, to people who flag posts routinely, you are the reason the site exists! But, sometimes ...
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What should be done with the reopened theodicy question?

Our "standard" theodicy question, How to answer "Why do evil and suffering exist?", has been edited and reopened. Previously it did not request a denominational viewpoint, but now it does. This is ...
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Where'd my rep go?

This is just a heads up post that I did a little bit of house cleaning today. A few people might notice as it will mean a pretty big hit to their rep. The most affected people are going to be Affable ...
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How can we fix this question on Sola Scriptura?

What is the basis for Sola Scriptura? This question is in disarray. The title appears to be asking about Sola Scriptura but is really asking about personal interpretation of the Bible. The answers ...
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How can I contribute to the effort to clean up Christianity.SE?

I've heard rumors of an cleanup effort on Christianity.SE that is in its infancy, how can I contribute so that I can assure my voice is heard from the very beginning? Branch questions: Can we ...
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How can we improve our guidance about the comment practices?

If you follow meta, you have seen considerable discussion lately regarding comment deletion. Usually comments are deleted because they are obsolete, off topic, impolite, or have turned into noise (...
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