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Is it possible to invite someone to chat?

Sometimes discussions erupt in the comments. Now, this is not a forum. I see those are moved to the chat sometimes by moderators, but how do I actually pro-actively start a chat with someone when I ...
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Rationale and Purpose of topic-based chat rooms on C.SE

Contents The "Charter": Rationale and Purpose for creating topic-based chat rooms (see below). The "Index": a community wiki answer containing the list to active chat rooms that ...
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The Upper Room has been frozen for weeks

Is this site now so much of a ghost town that no one's noticed? Can it be unfrozen?
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Has chat been derailed and should we add a siding?

Sad to say—and mostly due to my own schedule—I haven't been hanging out in The Upper Room as much as I once did. While the lions share of that is is my own choice, lately when I have dropped in there ...
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Could we please have an Affable Geek Memorial Chat Room? [duplicate]

Could we please have an Affable Geek Memorial Chat Room? I feel like I need it. I only knew the guy through Christianity.SE, yet here I am, mourning his death. In life, he probably didn't even ...
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How to clean up "off topic conversation" within a chat room

How to clean up "off topic conversation" within a chat room. The title for the chat room is specific to a purpose, and now I have a chat with an atheist sitting in the middle of the conversation. What ...
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Just to keep things lively, how about some live debate on the origins of the universe?

Personally I think it's a rare question it the field of science and the creation vs. evolution debate that makes a really good fit for this site, but that doesn't mean our community isn't interested ...
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How do I chat about a specific question?

My comment just got erased. Epic. Anyway, I dont know much about chat here. How do I engage in chatting about a specific question. Do I just say something in the chat and post a link to the question. ...
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1 answer

The chat login message is unreadable

When entering a Christianity chat room prior to logging in, the login text is nearly impossible to read. Perhaps a dark blue would be better than white-on-white? My screen resolution is 1280x800. The ...
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Can we turn the "own text" color of chat down a few notches?

The new design has been implemented in chat. However the orange that is used for a user's own chat messages seems a little bit too bright. Would it be possible to turn it down just a touch? I don't ...
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2 answers

When to post in chat and when in Meta?

When should a question, suggestion, discussion-starter, or the like be posted in chat (The Upper Room) and when should such be made a Meta question? It seems that for items with little historical ...
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3 votes
1 answer

How can I "move from comments to chat"?

Someone dropped a link to a chat in response to a comment (presumably in order to not overload the comment format). But I can't seem to be able to do anything but view that chat. Am I supposed to ...
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5 votes
2 answers

New chat theme usability issue

Perhaps I'm the only one seeing this: I think the word help is the leftmost option, but I copied a bit more just in case. My eyesight is pretty good, but I can't really read anything other than ...
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The great Prayer Room experiment

Allow me to introduce you to the Prayer Room: Prayer Room Please use this room to post prayer requests of praise, petition, and thanksgiving. Please do not address other users or carry on ...
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15 answers

We need a name for our chat room

So we have a chat room. Other sites have cool names for their chat rooms. Isn't it time we named ours? Please add your suggestions below: one suggestion per answer. Then the mods can make a decision ...
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