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Are we ready for Catholicism.SE?

There are 669 questions with the Catholicism tag out of our 5555 questions. That's over 10 percent of our site. It's by far our most popular tag--more so than the tags [Bible] and [Jesus]. And that's ...
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Should Catholic answers cite canon law?

I heartily don't think we should and this is why: the Catechism is a sure norm for teaching the faith. The Catechism has thousands of citations, and only 28 of them are from canon law. It makes ...
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What is the correct terminology when referring to (Roman) Catholicism?

I recently saw a comment from a user saying that the term Roman Catholic is derogatory. Is this the widely considered to be the case? There are various terms I have seen applied to the Catholic ...
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Catholicism closed, anybody mind if I just ask those questions here?

Looks like my favorite church isn't getting a stack exchange site. There were lots of good questions on that proposal there, anyone want to help me ask them here? Also, should questions like ...
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Are scripture only answers to Catholic Scripture questions not answers?

If there's a question about Scripture, asking for a Catholic answer, do answers which only cite scripture qualify as not-an-answer? Case in point: Why did Jesus only appear in short apparitions to ...
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Should I tag with Catholicism when the question is obviously about Catholicism?

Just wondering if this tantum ergo question ought to be tagged with catholicism on account of it's inherent Catholicity. Obviously it doesn't hurt to put the tag on it, but the question isn't about ...
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Separate site for Catholics and Protestants

I was going through the different discussions and could see mix of responses from Catholics and Protestants. This creates a huge confusion in the discussion as the fundamentals of both denominations ...
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