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If I give away reputation using bounties, can I lose access to a privilege if I end up below the required reputation for that privilege?

Let's say I reach 20 thousand reputation (giving me more things that I can do), and then bounty away 100 reputation. Will I lose my newly gained privileges?
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Bounty statements that alter the original question?

What should be done or is there a protocol to be inaugurated if someone offers a bounty on another’s question and the body seems to alter the question too much. For example, this question has a ...
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2017 Advent Bounties

Something that I have very much enjoyed (besides the Winter Bash) that has become somewhat of an Advent tradition on this site are the annual Advent Bounty challenges, with bounties offered in 2013, ...
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500th Anniversary of the Protestant Reformation – Bounty Challenge

For several years, Christianity Stack Exchange has done a bounty challenge during the season of Advent (for instance, in 2016) to encourage and reward high-quality answers. Given that October 31st, ...
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Advent Bounties 2016

In 2013 and 2015, some members of this community took part in a "bounty challenge" to encourage excellent content during the Advent season. I think the idea is great, and the first week of 2016's ...
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Advent Bounties 2015

With Advent now underway in much of the Western Church, I am inspired by this post to start a bounty challenge. (My apologies to those who follow a different calendar.) I personally will be offering ...
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how does bounty expiration work?

Okay, so I've figured out that you can stake your own reputation points on a question if you really want to attract some attention and let the community know you're looking for good (better) answers. ...
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The Advent Bounties 2013

This Advent season, I thought it would be nice to have some daily bounties to reward great answers from the diversity of traditions represented on this site. If you'd like to participate, please sign ...
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Is it OK if I give away lots of reputation in bounties?

For Advent 2013, I was thinking of starting daily bounties for existing good-but-overlooked answers. But I want to gauge consensus on whether this would be a good or bad idea. Vague plan: give away ...
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Is there a way for a bounty from a deleted user to be awarded manually?

We've got a slight issue that will take some dev involvement, a hack, or just us settling for a significantly less than optimal solution. The problem: A user posted a bounty on this question with ...
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Questions duplicated in featured question list

Notice one question shows up three times and another question shows up twice.
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