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Citing Sources in 2020/2022

I'm sure we've had this discussion before, probably when there were 0 moderators who didn't believe in private interpretation of scripture, but I'm having a hard time figuring out where people draw ...
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Deal with assumptions being made by accepted answers

I came across two approved answers, with a considerable number of upvotes/exposure, that seem to be assuming points as true, without them being properly discussed by the community, in light of the ...
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Code of conduct

Recently, while posting messages to the "Super User" and "Server Fault" Stack Exchange sites, the moderators summarily edited out the phrases "Thank you ( see Colossians 3:15, for example )" and "...
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Does my doctrinal stance have to align with anyone to post on here?

I've noticed a lot of questions about Catholicism. Is this a catholic Website? I don't agree with Catholics or Protestants or Mormons ot Jehovah Witnesses. If I post views different from the ...
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Your Web Site is not very helpful

I asked you, what I thought was a valid question. "Why did the many miracles stop being administered by the Apostle after Jesus's ascendance"? Why did you have to come back with a statement about me ...
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Is it a form of discrimination to make someone ask numerous questions?

Is it a form of discrimination to make someone ask numerous questions before they can reply to a question they are most able to reply to? Yes. Is it a form of duplicity to make someone hungry to ...
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Can a question ask for Biblical basis without specifying a Bible or type of Bible?

From this meta question: An acceptable question can also ask for the origin of a particular belief, doctrine, or practice. Bad: Is drinking alcohol a sin? There are countless answers to ...
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Should the Bible version used by the asker be used for the answer?

Apologies if there is a duplicate. I searched in the Meta, but nothing I found could answer this question for me. When answering questions, I typically use the KJV, NASB, or occasionally the ESV. ...
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Please tag your Bible verses with the version of the Bible you are quoting from

Every time I see a Bible verse with a few words that are slightly different or even out of the ordinary, the first thought that comes to mind is the version of the Bible the verse was quoted from; ...
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Re-assessing "biblical-basis"

I find the biblical-basis tag problematic. The tag wiki points to this question and its answer by David Stratton. The discussion was some time ago, and the culture of our site has changed ...
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Why do the moderators of this community think they are more HOLY than others?

Seems like moderators like to think they are more 'holy' than people who are coming here to help other people find answers to questions. Example: What passages support that God once walked the ...
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Is it necessary to Biblically support arguments within discussions about Christianity?

I'm new here, and have been away from Christianity for about 7 years. I used to be actively involved in a kind of Pentecostal church, and used the Bible very often to discuss and privately understand ...
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Call Old Testament the books of the Catholic Bible "Deuterocanonical books" instead of "Apocrypha"

If you support this, we can add it to the "What to Call" list, if not boo hoo for me. I'd prefer it if we called: Tobit Judith Additions to Esther Wisdom Sirach Baruch Additions to Jeremiah ...
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