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What about creating a Badge s) for "active participation" in the upper 10%?

On the Profile page the user's on-going activity in a Quarter is enumerated by percentage (7%, 12%, 50%, etc.) For consideration, what would be the consensus of users (and moderators) about a new ...
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3 answers

Should we eliminate the reputation system for the main site?

This is probably impossible, but I wonder, if it were, whether there would be support for it or not. Regarding greed, Thomas Aquinas wrote: ... greed for any temporal good is the bane of charity, ...
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Does the "Fanatic" badge count mobile app traffic?

The Stack Exchange app is well-built as far as apps go, and I enjoy using it to participate. Out of curiosity, does activity on the app count towards consecutive log-ons for badges?
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3 answers

Why does this site incorporate badges?

Sorry just frustrated. There really isn't much to do for a new member on this site. Are you all trying to keep the trolls out? Honestly though I don't even know if want to join now. One question comes ...
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4 votes
3 answers

What is the cleanup badge for?

I am trying to figure out what a roll-back is associated with the clean-up badge? I've surfed the questions and answers with no avail.
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1 answer

Missing profile features

In general, the C.SE profile page is nice looking than the default one (IMO). However, I've noticed it lacks a couple nice features of the default page. Most notably, the badge tracking gadget. ...
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2 votes
1 answer

What were the requirements for the Beta badge?

The Beta badge says it's for "active participation in the private beta." I wonder what exactly counts as active. Some of the people who earned it have under 150 rep, and since you start with 101 ...
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1 answer

Matthew 20:16 Badges [closed]

I think it would be appropriate on this site to add a new set of badges, based on Matthew 20:16. I propose the following badges be awarded for the following criteria: Deacon 100 accumulated down ...
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