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A request for help with splitting a complicated and heavily downvoted question into more manageable questions

I wrote a question which was downvoted probably for multiple reasons. I personally suffer from selective attention (hyperfocussing and the opposite thereof) and poor planning abilities due to ADHD, so ...
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Improving my question about who is or will be in heaven

I recently asked the following question: According to Baptists: Which persons are known to be (eventually) in heaven? The original version of the question was not this specific about a Christian group ...
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Ways to improve a question

I asked a very negatively received question, I was hoping to find answers to a hypothetical case of excommunication of a Pope. I wanted an answer in a general sense. Can a Pope be excommunicated? And ...
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How not to have your ignorance mistaken for disrespect?

I have turned to the Christian faith not so long ago. Thus, I have got very much to learn. Alas, some of my misinterpretations might appear to be too wrong to a proper Christian. I always leave a ...
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Allow users to ask many questions in one question text

I’m wishing this change because I have many questions about Christianity. I want to understand the concept of trinity, because myself I can’t explain. I have questions about Christianity. Can you ...
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Why can't I ask questions?

I have been banned from asking questions? Can one bad question equal a question ban?
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What do I need to know about Christian denominations in order to ask an on-topic question at Christianity.SE?

The on-topic page says: However, there are questions that are not constructive for the format of this site. These include questions asking for: a survey of all Christian views on a particular ...
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One bad question about Christianity or Bible should be punished with a question ban?

I have 1 poorly received question and I am banned from asking questions here. Is there something wrong with my account here? If you ask to many low quality answers on the SE websites you can get ...
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How do I ask a question about Jesus' resemblance to Joseph?

I'd like to post a question on the subject of whether Jesus resembled Joseph or not. But no matter how I pose it gets closed. First I posed it this way: Have there been any Christian writings on ...
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Biblical definition questions- on topic or opinion based?

Fredsbend's older question "What is the Lake of Fire?" is no longer a good fit for the site. I was thinking to myself, how could truth questions like this be edited to narrow the scope and provide ...
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Why do questions that the Bible has answers for keep being put on hold?

I am new to this site. I can answer a lot of these questions that are on hold from the Bible, like the one about the hem of the garment, or what Jesus and Paul said about the Law. These are legitimate ...
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How to balance open-ended vs closed-ended nature of questions?

There is value in open-ended questions. I recently asked this question, and was a little surprised to learn it had acquired as many as four votes to close (see the comments). I had intentionally left ...
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Can you open this question now? I have already removed pastors and clergymen from my question, ...
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Is scoping in the body of a question sufficient, or must it be in the title?

Previously on Meta the issue of scoping with tags has been addressed. Here, I am wondering if scoping must be done in the title, or if scoping can be legitimately done in the body as well. I have ...
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2 answers

Is there a good advice to improve my question?

I recently post four questions: Was Emperor St. Justinian an Aphthartodocetist? This question is not made to defame a holy and pious saint venerated by both Catholic and Orthodox. I ask this question ...
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Am I actually about to be question banned? [duplicate]

So I clicked on the 'ask' button today (on the main site) and got a warning popup: Wait! Some of your past questions have not been well-received, and you're in danger of being blocked from asking any ...
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7 votes
2 answers

What to do when it is not clear which denomination to ask?

The question Is theodicy considered an open problem or a solved one, according to catholicism? was originally formulated without the denomination restriction. The reason behind it is that I don't know ...
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Are leading questions desirable?

I've noticed a couple cases recently where a question was asked and it seems very clear that the person asking knows the answer or has a certain answer in mind but they don't explain why they're ...
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Should we encourage/discourage bait titles? Should titles stand on their own?

How strict should we be on question titles? There are a few questions on the site that are on topic, but at reading the title on its own it appears off-topic. However, I notice that this is tolerated ...
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Getting better results from the "Ask" query than the main one

When I enter text in the "Ask" title box I get, in my opinion, better results than when I type the same thing in the main search box. Does this have something to do with how I enter the text or is the ...
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What Christian Denomination defines the bible as its source of doctrine?

What Christian denomination defines the bible as its source of doctrine? "This is not a denominational question because this is not defined as included in anyone's doctrine as a meaning." We don't ...
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How to improve this question?

I asked this question, expecting that the answer could be as simple as a YES or a NO followed by a brief history of what are the new things introduced in the Roman Catholic Church which originally ...
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Is asking for habits allowed?

Is this type of question allowed? Can I ask something about Christian habits, like prayer requests? In the Roman Catholic Church, there is a little book titled "Prayer Requests" that allows people to ...
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2 answers

Closing questions and welcoming new members to the community

I've noticed that oftentimes the questions that are closed are asked by members with few reputation points, many of whom have only recently created their accounts, and are posting their first C.SE ...
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2 answers

How much research should we ask our users to do before asking a question?

What is a reasonable level of research and forethought for us as a community to expect from users prior to asking a question? Often we will get a question and upon asking the OP to select a doctrinal ...
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What about my other questions?

This is a post for reference from the FAQ. There are some questions that are off-topic on this site. Please note that the following subjects are considered off-topic here: Questions asking for all ...
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Why was my question closed? How can I get it open again?

As we move through this process of increasing the quality of questions here on Christianity.SE, some questions will be closing (due to the votes of the community and the moderators). This effort to ...
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Can I ask the same doctrinal question across many different denominations?

I just asked a question about marriage for Jehovah's witnesses. I could easily ask the same question regarding Roman Catholics, Methodists, Mormons, etc, and I would be very interested in the answers. ...
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Examples of high-quality questions

After all of the discussion about increasing the quality of questions and answers on Christianity.SE I am left desiring examples of high-quality questions. Post examples of high-quality questions ...
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What makes a good focused question?

In response to Can we reverse the trend on low quality posts? we would like to propose the following thoughts on what defines a good focused question. The primary focus of this site is a place to ask ...
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Should we allow "I'm making a point" questions?

I have an observation about Christianity.SE so far, which is that a lot of the questions are really, really not good. My perception is that many of the questions are not being asked because they are ...
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