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Please tag your questions with the denomination you're asking about

I'd like to request that everyone please tag your questions with the denomination you're asking about. We have people getting angry over or downvoting questions that are asked from the perspective of ...
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Why even bother posting on this board?

I quit posting on this board months ago. Here's an excellent example of why. Look at this question: Did Adam and Eve's Progeny Commit Incest? The poster asked if the children of Adam and Eve must ...
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When should the community flag an answer as "not an answer?"

I'd just like to get some clarification in our own META on what qualifies as "not an answer". Even before becoming a moderator, I struggled with certain types of answers - specifically those that ...
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What are guidelines for "Good Subjective" answers on this site?

Based on this question: Is methodology advice to pastors too subjective to deal with here? there seems to be a consensus that: Not only are Doctrinal Questions are on topic, but so too are Practical ...
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Proper way to address answers that don't answer questions from denomination persepective?

Very similar question (however asked almost 9 years ago with only 1 answer with negative votes) this question also vaguely addresses this topic, but not exactly. I mainly watch the LDS tag, mainly ...
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How is scope defined?

Recently I have had a few questions either down voted or deleted based on being "out of scope" After a brief discussion with an administrator, he suggested to make suggestions to the author of the ...
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Don't delete my account

Thank you for the encouragement. I'm sorry for taking up everyone's time. I'll try to deal with the system. After a recent answer of mine was deleted, I went back and found several other past ...
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Valid questions from different sects?

Recently, I posted a question that seems quite good and valid from a Jehovah Witness’ standpoint (Was Jesus a separate god?). It (almost) immediately got a -1 vote. The question was worded, I ...
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How was my answer "clearly not the type of answer that the OP is looking for"?

I participate on nearly a dozen SE forums and none delete questions and answers faster than C.SE. @Nathan deleted my answer to this question with the comment, "This is clearly not the type of answer ...
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Are change of frame answers allowed on this site?

Inspired by the comments on the Jehova's Witness's answer on this. On the site from which I hail it is a common practice to "subvert" questions that make an apparently (or obviously) false ...
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