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Christianity.SE vs. Survivor

We've had a couple of questions in the format "Are members of $sect_or_subgroup_or_movement really Christian?", and a few more that are asking that exact question, but trying to couch it in terms that ...
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How we are different than other sites

So, we have a brand new About page. On that page, it says: Christianity - Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for committed Christians, experts in Christianity and those interested in ...
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Is [Insert Famous Pastor here] on topic for this site?

So, in this question, @El'endia Starman and I good naturedly batted around the question of whether or not Rob Bell is a denomination. Obviously, he's not that, but it did get me wondering - How ...
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Are we conditioning people to question all things through a denominational lens?

I've been on this SE site for a month. I know it's purpose and I really like it. I understand this is a secular site that facilitates Q&A for the topic of Christianity. Awesome. Boo ya. Love it. ...
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What is the minimum bar for a "group" (sect / denomination / etc..)?

According to the FAQ, Christianity.StackExchange is for "any group that identifies themselves as Christian are to be considered on-topic" Additionally, it seems to pretty well established that we ...
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What is our tagging philosophy?

Scanning through our tags questions will turn up many specific concerns about tag usage, but only one general concern: Is it better to have more tags or fewer? Shog9 also wrote an excellent ...
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Purpose of Christianity.SE

Okay, I may ask questions at time which are odd or a little out there. I do this because these are real questions that some people have about Christianity - even if they are not my own questions / ...
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Are truth questions inherently off-topic, or just a bad question smell?

Consensus on the site seems to have coalesced around the idea that "Truth Questions" are bad. Trying to get to a definition of a "Truth Question" is, of course, squishy, but generally is ...
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Are questions about Jehovah's Witnesses on topic?

While Jesus Christ appears to be an important part of JW doctrine, I’m not sure Jehovah’s Witnesses fit the general description of a Christian denomination (assuming Christian implies the doctrinal ...
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Questions to Christianity vs Questions about a denomination

From AG's question here, are we allowed to ask question to the Christian population without being specific to a denomination if the question sufficiently narrows the scope? In contrast, there is this ...
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Does "faq" sometimes mean "recommended reading"?

Out of curiosity, I sorted the meta questions by votes just now, and saw that many of our great meta posts (ones that I would consider recommended reading for new users) are not tagged faq. Yet, some ...
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A note on references and sourcing

We established a while ago that lack of references to independent sources is not a valid reason to downvote or delete an answer because a requirement for such references would only serve to exclude ...
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General guideline for avoiding the "Truth question" issue

We still continue to have users struggle to understand why some questions get closed as opinion-based, or "off topic because general philosophical questions". I know we've got a bunch of Meta posts ...
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Does Chistianity.SE keep a list of factions that self-identify as Christian?

According to the rule that questions should be specific to a particular viewpoint of Christianity, many questions are marked as "too broad" or "off topic." So, it is common to advise an asker to edit ...
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What do you think of this potential FAQ rewrite?

Per Caleb's suggestion, I've broken my answer up. The main (and much shortened!) potential FAQ is here: What is Christianity.SE? In there, I've linked two questions that I think are really important,...

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