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Are "overview" questions okay? [duplicate]

Are overview questions off topic as not a good fit for StackOverflow / StackExchange? Dialog here
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Are "what does everybody believe about X?" questions still off-topic? [duplicate]

It's been a while since I was last active on this Stack. At one time it was the rule that a general "what does everyone believe about X?" question was off-topic. Rather, people had to ...
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Asking a truth question without specifying a denomination [duplicate]

Bad: Is Michael the Archangel also Jesus? There are at least two answers to this question. Which one is right? We don't know. We can't handle the Truth. Good: Do Jehovah's Witnesses believe ...
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"Biblical basis" vs "what the Bible says about a subject"

We seem to have a more or less a consensus on our site that asking for the Biblical basis for a doctrine is permitted, even encouraged. We also tend to allow "What does the Bible say about X?&...
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Is it reasonable to ask for both sides of an argument?

In my question about Mormonism and Christianity, I specifically requested to receive questions that take into account both sides. I think this could be an effective way to avoid flamewars and vote ...
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Should we encourage the answerer to post their denominational viewpoint vs. closing truth questions?

Instead of closing a "truth" question, should we encourage the people who answer to add their denominational opinion? I could see this adding to a broader understanding of Christianity. Example 1: ...
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According to whom?

Over on my other favorite StackExchange site, there's a problem with quality questions that's so pervasive that the community has sort of adopted a no-tolerance, no exceptions approach to such ...
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What is meant by survey?

The tour says that we should not ask about "a survey of all Christian views on a particular subject". What exactly is meant by this line?
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Is it good to present multiple POVs in a single answer?

It seems the community considers it unreasonable to ask for multiple POVs (POV means point of view). What does the community say about answering with multiple POVs? I personally see many benefits and ...
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I'm not clear exactly how "overview" questions work

I edited @LCIII's question to try and get it taken off hold. The response to my accepted edit was that the question was much better, but was still too broad. I was specifically trying to follow ...
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Please clarify "It's not a Christian website either, it's a secular website about Christianity"

From a comment by Peter Turner on another question: "It's not a Christian website either, it's a secular website about Christianity" I have read a few Question/Answer/Comments about this ...
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Proposal for new category of acceptable questions

Originally posted as an answer to Types of questions, or template questions, that the community generally finds acceptable, I'm following the suggestion to make this a separate post. I believe that ...
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What are the minimum number of perspectives needed to answer overview questions?

If someone answers an "Overview Question" how many perspectives do they need to include for their answer to not be considered "Not an answer"?
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How broad can a question be?

Say I'm having a religious conversation about a tangent of our beliefs with a member of religion X and I'm of religion Y (Both X and Y are Christian denominations). I get a good understanding of X's ...
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RFC: Replacing the Philosophical close reason

I'd like to replace the current Philosophical/Sociological close reason with one that gets more at the meat of why we're closing the question and offers some help for what to do to fix the question: ...
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