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Why were my answers deleted, is there a moderator bias on this site?

I've just joined this site and have had 2 of my answers deleted by wax eagle and both were questions that touched upon Calvinism, and my answers were clearly not from a Calvinistic perspective. Though ...
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What do you think of this potential FAQ rewrite?

Per Caleb's suggestion, I've broken my answer up. The main (and much shortened!) potential FAQ is here: What is Christianity.SE? In there, I've linked two questions that I think are really important,...
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Should the rules on answers be loosened/clarified? [closed]

New to the site, but a member for several months on stackoverflow. As you can easily guess the two are quite different. One where most questions have a universally correct answer where here the ...
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Where did the Book of Mormon question go?

There was a question regarding the book of Mormon, and its compatibility with Christian scripture. It vanished, along with the associated answers. Is this common practice? Why did the book of mormon ...
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Don't delete my account

Thank you for the encouragement. I'm sorry for taking up everyone's time. I'll try to deal with the system. After a recent answer of mine was deleted, I went back and found several other past ...
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arbitrarily deleted answer

The user wax eagle deleted my answer His comment, to justify his action, is wrong. He wrote: I'm deleting this because there is in fact supporting ...
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Why is hubris allowed on this site?

I answered a question. My answer may be right or wrong. That's not the issue. Someone calling themselves, comically, "David," wrote in his comment to my answer: That's not what the question was. ...
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Greeting card messages

...for when you can't think of what to say. Sometimes we get questions and answers from new users, and I don't know what to say to greet them nicely while also providing advice or criticism. Narnian ...
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If I delete an answer I made what happens?

I hastily posted an answer and immediately lost 8 reputation points to down votes. I would delete it but that might be making things worse What should one do other than be more careful next time
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how could I be labeled a anti-semite when I am Jewish (semitic) myself?

I answered the question about what the "abomination of desolation" was and David Stratton labled me as being anti-semetic and locked the comments to my answer, I love David Stratton and his insight ...
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How can I make problematic answers more objective?

Background David Stratton recently wrote in another answer: I've been thinking it would be nice if we had a post here on META that would offer tips for editing Truthy posts to bring them in line ...
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How can I contribute to the effort to clean up Christianity.SE?

I've heard rumors of an cleanup effort on Christianity.SE that is in its infancy, how can I contribute so that I can assure my voice is heard from the very beginning? Branch questions: Can we ...
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Guidelines for good questions that cannot be answered with a good, supported answer?

I understand the need for a good, supported answer to prevent the site from devolving into a free-for-all battle of opinions. I even support this as a matter of personal preference (even though I'm ...
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Examples of high-quality questions

After all of the discussion about increasing the quality of questions and answers on Christianity.SE I am left desiring examples of high-quality questions. Post examples of high-quality questions ...
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What is a well-sourced, dispassionate answer?

This is for discussion purposes only. When an answer needs to be improved, I'd like to be able to link to a FAQ that gives guidance on how to answer, much like What makes a good supported answer? I'...
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