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Why does this site have such a high percentage of closed questions?

From 2016: a year in closing: Site Name QuestionsAsked Closed PctClosed DuplicatesClosed DuplicatesReopened OTClosed OTReopened UnclearClosed UnclearReopened ...
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Which "no-tradition-specified" exegesis questions should be closed?

This site has dozens of open exegesis questions that ask for interpretations of biblical texts but that do not specify a tradition. Of these, many have lain dormant for years and have not recently ...
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"This question would be better on Biblical Hermeneutics..."

I'm seeing this in comments more and more. Is this comment really appropriate? The types of answers one will get on BH.SE and on C.SE are different. How is someone to know which type of answer the ...
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How can we encourage high-quality new answers to old questions?

I've observed in my (admittedly quite short) time here that old answers have an extremely strong advantage over new ones. I'm not really talking about the "fastest gun in the west" problem, in the ...
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Can part of a question be answered for overview questions?

If a question is asking for a survey of beliefs, should one representative response be allowed to exist as an answer, with the hope that other belief representation will also exist as separate answers?...
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How are "Strangers on the Internet" less legitmate than people you meet in real life?

I noticed this comment: This is not something that can be authoritatively answered by strangers on the Internet. The only people that can speak for your church is it's local leadership. You should ...
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Why can't I ask for personal advice?

It seems like all the questions asking for personal advice on this site get put "on hold." If I am facing a personal difficulty or a challenging decision, and I want input from Christians, shouldn't ...
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When the community determines my question to be a duplicate should I delete it?

I asked a question that was declared a duplicate (Does the Catholic Church teach that only Catholics are Christians?). I want to be a good steward and not leave it to clutter the stack. Is it ...
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Should questions use both tags when one is a subset of the other?

Examples: All premillennialism questions are questions about eschatology. Should such questions have the eschatology tag? All bible-translation questions are also translation questions. Should such ...
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What’s wrong with my question?

This is about my question, How, according to the Catholic Church, can God order genocide even though the Church has declared such a situation impossible? May I know why was this question downvoted? I ...
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I'm new here and I'm having some difficulty understanding guidelines for questions

I just joined this site, but I am a 2000+ rep user on Stack Overflow, so I have been around the Stack Exchange site for some time and understand the goals of its Q&A format. With that said, I'm ...
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Why is the onus on the questioner to ask for a particular perspective?

One thing has puzzled me in the short time I've been browsing Christianity.SE, and it should be fairly self evident from the title- why is it that questions which ask for a particular perspective are ...
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Chatbot suggestion

I suggested this in a comment to Caleb a couple days ago. The idea is, in the style of the various Elisha chatbots, to post questions from other SE sites in the Upper Room. If an active user of ...
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Your Web Site is not very helpful

I asked you, what I thought was a valid question. "Why did the many miracles stop being administered by the Apostle after Jesus's ascendance"? Why did you have to come back with a statement about me ...
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(How) can we welcome more questions about pastoral care practices?

From the outset, let's be clear that I'm not talking about pastoral advice questions. What I am referring to can be found in the question What expertise are we lacking? Mike's answer states: I think ...
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