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Brothers, we are not Christians‼

Disclaimer: I still stand behind the concepts that inspired this post, am glad I wrote it, and that this site made it as far as it did. Unfortunately some of the circumstances have changed since I ...
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But can't I just say one thing?

I am not allowed to share the exact stats, but in general terms the statistics for Christianity.SE show the vast majority of our daily traffic is now from people drifting in as a result of Google ...
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Pastoral Advice Questions

I haven't seen any yet, but I would imagine that we are going to get questions asking for pastoral input. It may be anything from "I can't seem to stop surfing internet porn", to (if we're really ...
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2017 Moderator Election Q&A - Questionnaire

In connection with the moderator elections, we are holding a Q&A thread for the candidates. Questions collected from an earlier thread have been compiled into this one, which shall now serve as ...
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"Biblical basis" vs "what the Bible says about a subject"

We seem to have a more or less a consensus on our site that asking for the Biblical basis for a doctrine is permitted, even encouraged. We also tend to allow "What does the Bible say about X?&...
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How are "Strangers on the Internet" less legitmate than people you meet in real life?

I noticed this comment: This is not something that can be authoritatively answered by strangers on the Internet. The only people that can speak for your church is it's local leadership. You should ...
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Why should people avoid asking what 'the truth' is on C.SE?

Why should people avoid asking what 'the truth' is regarding a matter on C.SE? Is it because we are confused about what the truth really is ourselves or because we don't believe we as Christians have ...
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How can anything outside of Bible, not be labeled as an opinion?

I'm asking this question after reading many questions that talk about opinions and purpose of this site. When looking over questions I find many questions that were answered but I would classify as ...
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Can I remove the personal aspect from a pastoral advice-like question and make it less personal?

I recently noticed a question on Christianity.SE that talked about whether or not in the pre-Cana, the non-virgin was allowed to be married in the Catholic Church. I assumed that it was talking about ...
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Can we have this "no advice allowed" site disclaimer like judaism.stackexachange has?

Take a look at what judaism.stackexchange does. Similar to our site, I bet they were getting inundated with "advice" questions and finally put this disclaimer up there with helpful links. Why don't ...
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Should we edit Pastoral Advice questions?

See the recent "But can't I just say one thing?" question for information on what we should say in response to these questions. This question asks what we should do and whether we should try to "...
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Does "faq" sometimes mean "recommended reading"?

Out of curiosity, I sorted the meta questions by votes just now, and saw that many of our great meta posts (ones that I would consider recommended reading for new users) are not tagged faq. Yet, some ...
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Should we say we are a 'secular website'?

It's been written pretty frequently on meta, most recently here but many other places, that "we are a secular website". As a longtime user I'm very aware of what that means - that the website does not ...
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Off Topic Questions

Should we direct people who post off topic questions to sites that would be glad to answer them? People who ask questions that are related to Christianity, but fall outside of our scope could be ...
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Young aged belivers and new believers

My concern is with younger belivers that want answers to simple question but require long logistic answers that are too involved for their understanding. We have a young man right now (12 or 13) that ...
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