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Brothers, we are not Christians‼

Disclaimer: I still stand behind the concepts that inspired this post, am glad I wrote it, and that this site made it as far as it did. Unfortunately some of the circumstances have changed since I ...
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We can't handle the truth

As new members join a site called "Christianity," it is understandably common that many will ask the sorts of questions that would be asked of a pastor, in a church Bible study, or over a cup of ...
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Newcomers: Be patient. You will get there if you follow our direction. Keep trying

To the newcomers: I am thrilled that you have come to this site. I am excited that you want to spend time contributing to this site, and even more so that you want to learn more about Christianity. ...
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2017 Moderator Election Q&A - Questionnaire

In connection with the moderator elections, we are holding a Q&A thread for the candidates. Questions collected from an earlier thread have been compiled into this one, which shall now serve as ...
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How do we avoid a vote contest?

The site's been up for some hours, and already things seem to be escalating into a battle between different faith groups. This is apparent here on meta, and on this question on Mormonism and ...
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Do you have to have an "identifiable perspective"?

I was just inspired by the great sentiment at the "Christianity.SE vs. Survivor" post. The writer said it was not useful to kick people off the island for not meeting your standards for deserving to ...
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Which "no-tradition-specified" exegesis questions should be closed?

This site has dozens of open exegesis questions that ask for interpretations of biblical texts but that do not specify a tradition. Of these, many have lain dormant for years and have not recently ...
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Question about site and answers using true Christian faiths like Catholic, Pentecostal, Baptist and such

I feel like I must be a Harvard student to be able to ask a question on this site. Why is it not allowed to ask a question about my faith in God in GENERAL and get an answer? All I want is any answer ...
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Why is the onus on the questioner to ask for a particular perspective?

One thing has puzzled me in the short time I've been browsing Christianity.SE, and it should be fairly self evident from the title- why is it that questions which ask for a particular perspective are ...
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Valid questions from different sects?

Recently, I posted a question that seems quite good and valid from a Jehovah Witness’ standpoint (Was Jesus a separate god?). It (almost) immediately got a -1 vote. The question was worded, I ...
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Do you feel your question standards are ok as is?

I do not feel your current standards for questions are ok. I feel they require too high a level of prior knowledge and education. Far too often (in my opinion) people come here and ask a question ...
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What is the proper way to provide a dissenting view?

In light of the question Can you provide me with some evidence of a young earth?, there will clearly be dissenting views. As the question is worded, providing these views here would be off-topic. I ...
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What is the recommended editing that would help get the essence of a specific question reopened?

I came across an old question here. It was closed without a lot of dialog on why it was closed. Was it because it was more of a "truth question"? What would it take to reopen the question - ...
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