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Christianity.SE vs. Survivor

We've had a couple of questions in the format "Are members of $sect_or_subgroup_or_movement really Christian?", and a few more that are asking that exact question, but trying to couch it in terms that ...
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What Christianity.StackExchange is (and more importantly, what it isn't)

Once again, we're seeing an influx of new talent, which is GREAT! A growing community means more people, sharing new perspectives, or perhaps bringing a clearer explanation of an already described ...
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How we are different than other sites

So, we have a brand new About page. On that page, it says: Christianity - Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for committed Christians, experts in Christianity and those interested in ...
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We can't handle the truth

As new members join a site called "Christianity," it is understandably common that many will ask the sorts of questions that would be asked of a pastor, in a church Bible study, or over a cup of ...
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Why not have new members go through a general introduction page?

As a new member I was turned off by having asked questions that were either voted down right away, put on hold, and have just now gotten to the pages defining what is and is not acceptable on the site....
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Should adherence to official doctrines be the only judge of quality?

I posted an answer to a question but some folks raised objection. Apparently as defined by this meta post I'm supposed to confine my answer to an official doctrinal position. This is a bit difficult ...
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Is it possible to Delete Cecil Beckum?

It is sad enough that Cecil Beckum left. But is it ethical to Delete Cecil Beckum? Is that like a form of murder - to delete a C.SE user? I heard the Penalty Box for C.SE box but not a death box. ...
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Another reason this is not a Christian site

I know there are explanations galore in Meta and in the FAQ, we still have people coming around that refuse to accept the idea that this is not a Christian site - that it's not about Truth, but rather ...
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Why was my answer to *christian-and-sin* deleted?

As I understand the question; it is asking why a Christian should have concern about sinning since Jesus has already paid for our sins. My answer was directed to that particular question, and to me ...
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Why was "What is the biblical definition of marriage" put on hold? The reason given was that the question was unclear. How is this question unclear?
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