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Why can't I ask for personal advice?

It seems like all the questions asking for personal advice on this site get put "on hold." If I am facing a personal difficulty or a challenging decision, and I want input from Christians, shouldn't ...
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Are we OK with sex related questions?

So there's this question: Is BDSM dealt with in Scripture? And there's this comment: "I think the nature of this question is a problem as well. We shouldn't sexualize the site, and there's a danger ...
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Where's the boundary line with the "verse-identification" tag?

So there's this question: Is there a verse about "big" and "small" lies being the same in God's kingdom?. So far the question seems to be relatively safe. There is 1 VTC and 3 ...
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How should I ask overview questions: on one matter from all of the Christian spectrum?

It has been several times quite a problem for me here. I would have one particular matter (a doctrine or a verse from the Bible) that I would want to know how it is viewed upon in different sectors of ...
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How can anything outside of Bible, not be labeled as an opinion?

I'm asking this question after reading many questions that talk about opinions and purpose of this site. When looking over questions I find many questions that were answered but I would classify as ...
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Re-assessing "biblical-basis"

I find the biblical-basis tag problematic. The tag wiki points to this question and its answer by David Stratton. The discussion was some time ago, and the culture of our site has changed ...
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Is my question (about "God-Who-Hears") really off-topic?

I woke up the other day, wondering if God had a specific 'God Who Hears' name. I searched the internet, but only got a few hits. I asked my pastor about it, and he didn't know of one, so I thought I'...
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I'm not clear exactly how "overview" questions work

I edited @LCIII's question to try and get it taken off hold. The response to my accepted edit was that the question was much better, but was still too broad. I was specifically trying to follow ...
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What does the Bible say? Questions

What does the Bible say about Capital Punishment? Prompted from that question, would it be appropriate to tag these kinds of questions with biblical-basis? Or perhaps reference-request? Or would ...
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Precedence: biblical basis or truth question/is X a sin?

In reference to this recently closed question. I'm curious to know if there is or should be a precedence between biblical basis and truth/is X a sin? questions? The above linked question was closed ...
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Why was the vegetarian question closed?

Seeing as how Caleb is always willing to give his keyboard a good whipping to explain his closures, I was hoping he could explain his reasoning for closing this question: What does the Bible say ...
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Should this question be closed or edited?

This is the question: What did Jesus say about the end times? Here's the problem I have with it. It is essentially, "What does the Bible say about x?" Which the community has decided is essentially ...
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