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What Christianity.StackExchange is (and more importantly, what it isn't)

Once again, we're seeing an influx of new talent, which is GREAT! A growing community means more people, sharing new perspectives, or perhaps bringing a clearer explanation of an already described ...
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Pastoral Advice Questions

I haven't seen any yet, but I would imagine that we are going to get questions asking for pastoral input. It may be anything from "I can't seem to stop surfing internet porn", to (if we're really ...
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Christianity.SE 's experts are Christians, not scientists

I have seen a few questions discussion science, such as this one: What is the physical evidence for a global flood? Others do it in the answers, but not in the question. I think that is bad, because ...
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Why do skeptics love to harp on the ark story?

I feel like the story of Noah's ark gets way more questions than it deserves. I mean, I believe heartily that it happened, and I feel like I've given really simple answers to most of the questions I'...
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What to do with "Is x a sin" questions?

I'm not sure if it's more appropriate to post this as a new question, or put a new answer on the old one, but a while back, someone has asked "Are 'is x a sin' questions on topic?" That question was ...
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What is "mainstream Christianity"?

This is an attempt at discussing what manifestations of Christianity are the subject of study for this site. I'm throwing stuff out for discussion. I also realize that may / will probably conflict ...
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What is the minimum bar for a "group" (sect / denomination / etc..)?

According to the FAQ, Christianity.StackExchange is for "any group that identifies themselves as Christian are to be considered on-topic" Additionally, it seems to pretty well established that we ...
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Are exploratory questions (i.e. ones that develop new theology) off topic?

Since the very early days of this site, I have been fairly outspoken in my opinion that this is not (and should be made to be) an appropriate replacement for churches in researching, formulating and ...
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According to whom?

Over on my other favorite StackExchange site, there's a problem with quality questions that's so pervasive that the community has sort of adopted a no-tolerance, no exceptions approach to such ...
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Should C.SE. start allowing "personal opinion", the alternative to "identifiable position"?

Are there any good reasons to start allowing personal opinion? Is PO the alternative usually being advocated when users oppose a policy on "identifiable position"?
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To what extent does this Stacks Exchange allow "In what ways was the Bible used to justify...?" type questions?

This is more or less a history-based question than a Christianity-based question, but it is tied to Christian history. I remember reading from a history textbook that there were several reasons to ...
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