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Christianity.SE vs. Survivor

We've had a couple of questions in the format "Are members of $sect_or_subgroup_or_movement really Christian?", and a few more that are asking that exact question, but trying to couch it in terms that ...
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Brothers, we are not Christians‼

Disclaimer: I still stand behind the concepts that inspired this post, am glad I wrote it, and that this site made it as far as it did. Unfortunately some of the circumstances have changed since I ...
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Nontraditional / nonorthodox Christianity AKA Christianity with no dogma

How do we allow answers from Christian denominations which have no dogma? It would be difficult to source these answers. Unlike orthodox Christianity, the religions dogma / rules are from within you ...
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What should we do about matching the viewpoints of askers and answerers?

The general idea has been touched on somewhat in here and here, but hasn't been dealt with directly. Should we encourage the community to answer questions in the same "alignment" as the question or ...
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Why even bother posting on this board?

I quit posting on this board months ago. Here's an excellent example of why. Look at this question: Did Adam and Eve's Progeny Commit Incest? The poster asked if the children of Adam and Eve must ...
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Proper way to address answers that don't answer questions from denomination persepective?

Very similar question (however asked almost 9 years ago with only 1 answer with negative votes) this question also vaguely addresses this topic, but not exactly. I mainly watch the LDS tag, mainly ...
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Is an answer that points out a false assumption in the question still an answer?

This answer, as @AdamWood comments, is entirely accurate and correct, but doesn't answer the question asked. But the reason it doesn't answer the question asked is because (according to the text of ...
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Why is hubris allowed on this site?

I answered a question. My answer may be right or wrong. That's not the issue. Someone calling themselves, comically, "David," wrote in his comment to my answer: That's not what the question was. ...
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Moderator trump card

My answer to this question was deleted by @caleb, a moderator without a single down vote cast. The alleged problem with my answer is that it fails to meet his bar for dealing with all objections: ...
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Answer removal dispute

I would like to dispute the removal of this answer: The removal was justified by David Stratton as: the question is "what evidence is there?", ...
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What forms of question scoping should be considered when applying and evaluating "Not An Answer" flags?

Related: When should the community flag an answer as “not an answer?” I'm admittedly a bit confused on when "Not An Answer" (NAA) flags should be applied, so I hope you'll bear with me on another ...
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