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Are "is X a sin" questions on topic? [duplicate]

We have had a couple of questions along the lines of "is X a sin?". Should these questions be on topic or should we disallow them?
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Is this a valid question? [duplicate]

On the Christianity website, are we allowed to ask, "is _ a sin?" If we do ask such a question, are we supposed to specify a specific audience, ie., catholic, Mormon, etc.?
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Brothers, we are not Christians‼

Disclaimer: I still stand behind the concepts that inspired this post, am glad I wrote it, and that this site made it as far as it did. Unfortunately some of the circumstances have changed since I ...
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But can't I just say one thing?

I am not allowed to share the exact stats, but in general terms the statistics for Christianity.SE show the vast majority of our daily traffic is now from people drifting in as a result of Google ...
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What Christianity.StackExchange is (and more importantly, what it isn't)

Once again, we're seeing an influx of new talent, which is GREAT! A growing community means more people, sharing new perspectives, or perhaps bringing a clearer explanation of an already described ...
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We can't handle the truth

As new members join a site called "Christianity," it is understandably common that many will ask the sorts of questions that would be asked of a pastor, in a church Bible study, or over a cup of ...
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Are we OK with sex related questions?

So there's this question: Is BDSM dealt with in Scripture? And there's this comment: "I think the nature of this question is a problem as well. We shouldn't sexualize the site, and there's a danger ...
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Anyone care to share templated comments?

I use the AutoReviewComment user script so that it actually pops up for me in the comment box and allows me to choose what to say to users. I recently shared all of my templated comments for import ...
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On the Egregious Editing of Poor Questions

In this meta thread I proposed a solution to the "is x a sin" problem, namely "destroy the intent of the OP" by "engaging in extreme modifications" to their questions. I ...
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Personal Opinion answers and comments: Flag, downvote, comment, or do nothing?

I'm getting the sense that a lot of questions are receiving answers and comments from a wide variety of personal perspectives. In a looser forum, sans-voting, this is perfectly acceptable and great. ...
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Verbiage for new "Truth Question" close reason

Followup to: Can we have a close reason for “Truth Questions”? We need some concise, and very new-user friendly verbiage for the new close reason, related to "Truth Questions" (of which Is X a sin? ...
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Are close-vote scope standards significantly different now than they used to be?

I've noticed some questions being quickly closed as opinion-based or too broad, even though there is a precedent for the success of such questions. These closures seem to be mostly recent, and ...
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General guideline for avoiding the "Truth question" issue

We still continue to have users struggle to understand why some questions get closed as opinion-based, or "off topic because general philosophical questions". I know we've got a bunch of Meta posts ...