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How we are different than other sites

So, we have a brand new About page. On that page, it says: Christianity - Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for committed Christians, experts in Christianity and those interested in ...
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What makes a good focused question?

In response to Can we reverse the trend on low quality posts? we would like to propose the following thoughts on what defines a good focused question. The primary focus of this site is a place to ask ...
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What should we do about matching the viewpoints of askers and answerers?

The general idea has been touched on somewhat in here and here, but hasn't been dealt with directly. Should we encourage the community to answer questions in the same "alignment" as the question or ...
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Guidelines for writing effective answers

A question was recently asked on meta to solicit suggestions on how to develop answers with a "polite and academic tone," with an eye toward helping users to better understand the purpose and function ...
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Is methodology advice to pastors too subjective to deal with here?

I just kicked in a 3rd (and because I'm a mod, binding) close vote for this question: How do protestant youth group ministers reach apathetic parents of religious education students? However, I have ...
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Don't delete my account

Thank you for the encouragement. I'm sorry for taking up everyone's time. I'll try to deal with the system. After a recent answer of mine was deleted, I went back and found several other past ...
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WHERE can we ask a truth or advice question?

I really don't know if this question belongs on this meta or stack exchange meta or Area 51. Suggestions appreciated. Anyways! I know that we can't handle the truth and we don't give pastoral advice ...
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Should C.SE. start allowing "personal opinion", the alternative to "identifiable position"?

Are there any good reasons to start allowing personal opinion? Is PO the alternative usually being advocated when users oppose a policy on "identifiable position"?
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(How) can we welcome more questions about pastoral care practices?

From the outset, let's be clear that I'm not talking about pastoral advice questions. What I am referring to can be found in the question What expertise are we lacking? Mike's answer states: I think ...
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Meta tag cleanup

I cleaned up tags on a bunch of posts today, partitularly the faq tag. I removed a couple of posts that I haven't seen referenced in a long time and don't seem to be frequently encountered problems ...
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