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Where do we draw the boundaries of Christianity? [duplicate]

Because Christianity is so intertwined with Western culture, some New Religious Movements may borrow aspects of Christianity or may be derived from Christian denominations. The Unitarian ...
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Christianity.SE vs. Survivor

We've had a couple of questions in the format "Are members of $sect_or_subgroup_or_movement really Christian?", and a few more that are asking that exact question, but trying to couch it in terms that ...
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What makes a good focused question?

In response to Can we reverse the trend on low quality posts? we would like to propose the following thoughts on what defines a good focused question. The primary focus of this site is a place to ask ...
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What policies do or could make a site like this "successful"? [duplicate]

As I mentioned in another post recently (Why even bother posting on this board?), I quit posting on this board months ago because I found the policies of the moderators frustrating and, to my mind, ...
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Purpose of Christianity.SE

Okay, I may ask questions at time which are odd or a little out there. I do this because these are real questions that some people have about Christianity - even if they are not my own questions / ...
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Should answers from the Qur'an be allowed?

Clearly and unmistakably, this site is about and for Christianity. However, recently, I saw an answer that was quoting (and solely related to) the Qur'an. Per this meta post, we seem to have a ...
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Harassment of Latter-day Saints on this site

Jesus taught: Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them: On Christianity Stack Exchange, however... In the ...
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Definition of "cult"

This question (as well as a few others by the same OP) is scoped to seek answers from "non-cults." This terminology concerns me greatly, and lead to some comments, and eventually a chat discussion on ...
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Who are "Church fathers"?

I've seen a number of questions recently edited, by well-meaning people, to ask "What did Church Fathers say about...?" We also have some older questions along the same vein. Is this meaningful? It ...
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What about my other questions?

This is a post for reference from the FAQ. There are some questions that are off-topic on this site. Please note that the following subjects are considered off-topic here: Questions asking for all ...
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Reopening questions

From time to time there might be a question that need to be put on hold because it is a duplicate or the question is not clear and too broad. But even after the person who asked the question finish ...
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How should we handle questions asking for opinions on specific authorities/authors/books?

Consider my question on the 'Conversations with God' book series... It's gotten some heat for being potentially "not constructive", or similar criticism. Despite my best efforts to phrase the ...
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